Vehicle Details

A modification is a non-standard change made to a vehicle after manufacture. Any non-standard change needs to be disclosed.

Please select who the registered owner of the vehicle is.

Where will I find this information?

Your V5 certificate (log book) will tell you who the registered keeper of the vehicle is.

This is the cost of buying one of similar age and condition at today's prices. Please enter what you think the current value of the vehicle is.

Overnight Address

Please enter your postcode and click Find my Address. If the address does not appear on the list, use the Edit option to enter it manually.

This is the number of miles the vehicle will travel in the next 12 months.

This is a telematics product


What is a SmartPlug™?

With a telematics policy, you will be provided with a Smartplug™ which must remain installed for the duration of your insurance. This easy to install device, will collect your driving data and you will be able to review your driving behaviour and scores.

Based on your scores, you could see a discount of up to 40% on next year’s renewal * price.

Your scores are based on your speed, braking and night time driving.

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